GSSS Launch Regulations

  1. All models/launches to be in compliance with the NAR Model Rocket.Safety Code.
  2. All models ready to launch must be presented to the RSO for a safety check.
  3. When using the ALLEY SYSTEM, permission to launch must be given by the RSO. A loud 5 second countdown must be used before launch.
  4. An attempt MUST be made to insure that all models are recovered within the boundries of the park. Using engine/recovery systems compatible with wind conditions etc. (This does not apply at contests).
  5. High power (Over 30 Newton-seconds) flights, when allowed by the RSO will be ignited from a minimum distance of 30 feet. (Recovery as in rule #4).
  6. Models using more than 30 Newton-seconds of power must use at least a 3/16" or 1/4" launch rod. If smaller, model may not be allowed to fly. (RSO to decide)
  7. MOD-ROC flights will be allowed at the discretion of the RSO. (Recovery as in rule #4).
  8. Entry and exit from the launch area will be from one end only, at the R S O table.
  9. Static testing of engines will not be allowed.
  10. Long thrusting engines should only be used in very calm wind conditions (No more than 4.5 seconds of thrust time can be flown. Recovery as in rule #4)
  11. All prepping of models will be done outside of launch area.
  12. Alcohol is not allowed at any GSSS model rocket launch.