Fun-Test 2000

What is a Fun-Test?

A Fun-Test is a model rocket flying contest flown for fun. It is a good intruduction for anyone new to competition and good practice for competition veterens. Fun-Tests don't count towards NAR competition points but are judged just like official competition events and there are prizes for the winners. Contestants are divided into two age groups, up to 14 and 15 and over.

What are the Events?

We have chosen the first two Fun-Test events for the 2000 flying season. They are fairly challenging events this time around but everyone is encouraged to fly even if they don't think they'll win. Remember, it's just for fun!

April - 1/2A Rocket Glider

May - 1/2A Flex-wing Glider

What are the Rules?

Winners of the 1999 Fun-Tests


Contest Winner Sr Division Winner Jr. Division
April A Streamer Duration Rob Nee Alex Bruccoleri
May A Parachute Duration Mark Wagstrum Peter Menard
June Open Spot Landing Jack Sarhage Emily Flynn